Baroq’eMotion – Guest Event – Bucharest Early Music Festival
Baroq’eMotion – Guest Event

Baroq’eMotion – Guest Event

Starts from: November 14, 2016

Start Time 7:00 pm

Sala „Atelier” (Teatrul Național București)

Baroq’eMotion, a contemporary dance performance with an early musical background will take place on the 14th  November, 19.00, at „Atelier” Hall  (National Theatre Bucharest).



Laurențiu Calomfirescu was born in 1968. He is a graduate of Cybernetics Section of Bucharest University and Theatre direction Section in Târgu Mureș. He directed different theatre productions in Bucharest, Târgoviște, Arad, Sf. Gheorghe, Italy. He was member of the jury of Dream Fest Slatina (2014) and Spune pe Scurt (2011), member of the selection team of the Theatre Festival for Convicts (2014) and member of the jury of the Contest for theatre script of prisons (2013). He made many short or documentary films. He is working now for his book “99 de scenarii de scurt metraj”. He is teaching theatre direction at Centrul de Creatie pentru Film Documentar si Scurt metraj. He is the director of the theatre team Romthalia and of the Emotion theatre. Since 1990, he works for Radio Romania.

Csilla Juhász graduated classical and modern dance sections of the Arts High School in Cluj. Her passion for historical dance brought her to Budapest in 2000 to attend Baroque dance courses of the Budapest Arts Academy under the guidance of professor Gábor Kovács. She took advanced Baroque dance courses with Mary Collins (Ringve International Summercourse, Norway), Françoise Denieau and Bérengère Bodenan (Academie de Sablé, France). Csilla is an artistic conductor, historical dance instructor, choreographer and dancer with the Passeggio Historical Dance Ensemble of Cluj-Napoca. She worked as a historical dance instructor, choreographer and dancer with the Passamezzo Historical Dance Ensemble, and has been a member of the Amaryllis Historical Dance Ensemble, of the Nova Modern Dance Band (Cluj), and a classical and modern dance instructor with the Arts School of Cluj-Napoca. Since 2009 she is the chairman of the Ars Saltandi Association of Cluj-Napoca.

Raluca Enea is a graduate of the National University of Music of Bucharest – the Instrumental Pedagogy – piano and Interpretation – harpsichord sections, under the guidance of professor Ogneanca Lefterescu. As of 2005 she continued her harpsichord studies in Germany under the guidance of professors Harald Hoeren, Glen Wilson and Ketil Haugsand. She attended masterclasses held by Menno van Delft (the Netherlands), Frédérick Haas (Belgium), Malcolm Bilson (USA), Ketil Haugsand (Norway), courses at the Sablé Academy under the guidance of professors Françoise Lengellé and Howard Crook (harpsichord and Baroque canto), as well as chamber music courses with Jan de Winne, Marcel Ponseele and Hervé Douchy (Belgium). She held concerts in Romania, Germany, Norway, Hungary. Raluca is a lyrical artist of the “G. Enescu” Philharmonic of Bucharest, an associate professor and a PhD student of the National University of Music of Bucharest, and the artistic director of the Bucharest Early Music Festival. In Romanian she coordinates Early music educational and training projects supported by the Antiqva Cultural Association.


Baroq’eMotion brings into modernity the artistic refinement of the 17th and 18th century man and overpasses it onto the “technical evolution” of the 21st century. It is a surprising combination between conformism and nonconformism, the elegance of costumes and sophisticated perfumes from centuries ago, replaced nowadays by the casual and comfortable style worn by people who are always on the run, who always “communicate” in just a couple of seconds over thousands of miles. The Early music, performed on harpsichord, accompanies the dance throughout the show and the choreographies are inspired at the same time from the age of the musical Baroque and from contemporary dance. It is contemporary dance on Early music that connects the two completely different worlds, and the succession of technical contemporary methods proposed by the production further adds the originality of the entire performance. The show is divided into three parts: the first one is set on music from the creation of the French school of harpsichord, perfectly made for Baroque dance sequences. The second part of the show brings forth a paradoxical combination between the formal structures of a fugue by Bach and the complete freedom of contemporary dance. The show ends with a spectacular fandango from the Spanish creation for harpsichord.

(text by Raluca Enea, English version: Raluca Rumega)


Jean Philippe Rameau (1683 – 1764) From Pièces de Clavecin – Edition intégrale – Les Indes Galantes – Balet, reduit a quatre grands concerts (1735/36): Entrée
From „Pièces de clavessin avec une methode pour la mechanique des doigts” (1724) Suite en mi: Allemande – Courante – Gigue en Rondeau – 2e Gigue en Rondeau – Le Rappel des Oiseaux – Rigaudon – 2e Rigaudon – Double du 2e Rigaudon – Musette en Rondeau – Tembourin – La Villageoise (Rondeau)
Antoine Forqueray le Père (1650 – 1714) / Jean – Baptiste – Antoine Forqueray le Fils (1699 – 1782) From IIe Suite – Piéces de viole composées par Mr. Forqueray le Père. Mises en Pièces de Clavecin: La Mandoline, La Buisson. Chaconne
Johan Sebastian Bach (1685 – 1750) From Sonata in d for solo harpsichord, BWV 964: Adagio – Fuga Antonio Soler (1729 – 1783): Fandango Laurențiu Calomfirescu – regie

Laurențiu Calomfirescu – direction
Csilla Juhász – choreography, dance
Raluca Enea – harpsichord

Baroq’eMotion is a produced by Primăria Municipiului Bucureşti through ARCUB and Asociația Antiqva.