Iter in tempore – Bucharest Early Music Festival
Iter in tempore

Iter in tempore

Starts from: November 21, 2016

Start Time 7:00 pm

Teatrul Național București, Sala Atelier

Codex music ensemble together with “Passeggio” group of dancers will  perform”Iter in tempore” concert on Monday, November 21, 19.00, at the National Theatre,  “Atelier” Hall.


Iter in tempore represents the journey back in time taken by a contemporary character who discovers, counterclockwise, the centuries 19th through 14th through dance and music. The childish curiosity sets off this itinerary and the irresistible attraction of the music and the dance steps guide him further back in time. This script represents an attempt at demonstrating that the past can be understood when we liberate ourselves from the contemporary prejudices. The journey is made backwards, step by step, the differences between present and past growing almost inconspicuously. Thus, it becomes obvious that between the two end dates (the present and the Middle Ages), there are no breaches, but a continous lapse of time. The costumes used in this performance are impressive by their diversity, the dance surprises by ingeniosity and the songs can be a real lesson of music history. (Passeggio, English version: Raluca Rumega).

Direction: Tünde Kocsis
Choreography: Csilla Juhász
Music: Ansamblul Codex


We are a dance ensemble from Cluj-Napoca. We’re not professionals, because this isn’t our job. And, probably, if we were, we wouldn’t be dancing with so much pleasure. But this doesn’t mean we aren’t perfectionists. We dance in our spare time, which is pretty often. Because we like to meet up and turn our meetings into dance performances. We dance as they used to long time ago… not folk dances, but Early dances. We bring back to life centuries old dance moves and choreographies. When we get bored of dancing, we flip through the pages of art albums and then tailor and sew costumes. We have fun mixing colours. We don’t want to go back in time; we just want to bring back to present pieces and colours of the 18th and the 19th centuries.


The Codex Early music ensemble was founded in 1996 by music teachers and students of the Faculty of Music, Transilvania University of Brașov. Their main goal is to give an authentic and timely performance of European cult music of the 15th–19th centuries, playing on copies of period instruments, and relying on theoretical sources of the time. As such, the ensemble continues the rich tradition of the Brașov-based Baroque music ensemble Cantus Serenus. Their repertoire focuses on cult music from Transylvania and Eastern Europe, as well as their larger European sources. The members of the ensemble have specialized in Baroque performance masterclasses in major European musical centres, such as Innsbruck, Utrecht, Karlsruhe, Basel, Budapest, and have been playing concerts both at home and abroad. The ensemble’s repertoire includes Transylvanian music from the 16th-19th centuries (Reilich, Sartorius, Honterus, Codex Caioni, the Sfântu Gheorghe and Stephanus Martonffy manuscripts, etc.), Central and Eastern European music, early Baroque music (Castello, Cima, Frescobaldi etc.), French, Italian, and German Baroque music (Hotteterre, Marais, Boismortier, Vivaldi, Albinoni, Corelli, Telemann, Händel, Bach, etc.). They performed with the Madrigal Choir in 2015, at the George Enescu Festival.

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